Stackable Water Base - code UF-ZMSWB

The Stackable Water Base is the latest addition to our flag base range. Made from a black, high-density polyethylene, its unique design lets you stack up to three bases on top of each other.

Stackable Water Base - UF-ZMSWB

Concrete Base - code UF-ZMCEM

Use this heavy weighted concrete base on a variety of our flags for extra support and stability. The concrete base is suitable for flags up to 4.10metres and wind speeds 13-18 mph (Beaufort Scale 4)

Concrete Base - UF-ZMCEM

Zoom Cross Bases - code UF-ZMLCB

Small and Large Cross Bases for use with the Zoom flag range

Zoom Large Cross Base - UF-ZMLCB-01

Zoom Ground Spike - code UF-ZMGS-01

The Ground Spike is perfect for driving into compact terrains, ideal for festival fields and outdoor events. Since it is driven into the ground, the immediate perimeters are clear of trip hazards or visually obstructive Weighting Rings. Ground Spikes are suitable for all of the zoom lite flag sizes, 2.8, 3.4, 4.5 & 5.6m high.

Zoom Ground Spike - UF-ZMGS-01

Zoom Plastic Ground Stake - code UF-ZMPSS-01

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake for use with the Zoom Lite flag range

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake - UF-ZMPSS-01

Zoom Square Base - code UF-ZMLSQ-01

The Small Square Base is for indoor use only and should only be used on flat, level surfaces such as laminate or lino flooring. The Large Square Base can be used both indoors and outdoors and is compatible with all flag heights. The base must be used on flat and level ground.

Zoom Small Square Base - UF-ZMLSQ-01

Zoom Drive on Car Foot - code UF-ZMCFS-01

The Drive on Car Foot is ideal for use on car showroom forecourts, sales fairs and festivals. Drive your vehicle onto the foot ensuring it is on firm and level ground and add your flag. With the weight of your vehicle, this flag base is suitable for use both indoors and out and can accept all flag heights.

Zoom Drive on Foot - UF-ZMCFS-01

Zoom Water Base - code UF-ZMGMB

A handy moulded carry handle makes moving the base to your desired location easy.

Zoom Water Base - UF-ZMGMB

Large Water Base - code UF-ZMLWB

The Large Water base is the heaviest and most durable base option within our flag range, suitable for all flat surfaces with a capability to be filled with 30 litres of water giving maximum stability and performance. The stylish rugged design creates impact, whilst the flag support can also rotate in the wind providing visual movement whilst increasing stability. A real star performer.

Large Water Base - UF-ZMLWB