Orient+ - code WH353

Sleek new-look shape with some additional new features.

Orient+ 800mm wide - WH353-800-003

Orient+ 850mm wide - WH353-850-003

Orient+ 1000mm wide - WH353-1000-003

Orient+ 1200mm wide - WH353-1200-003

Orient+ 1500mm wide - WH353-1500-003

Orient+ 2000mm wide - WH353-2000-001

Pacific - code WH351-1000-01

A quality lightweight roller banner with a slim base and hybrid pole making it very compact, complete with a twist out foot for extra stability. 

Pacific 1000mm wide - WH351-1000-01

Merlin - code UB160

Merlin is a smart stylish cassette banner where the graphics are very easy to replace with its quick change cassette mechanism.

Merlin 850mm Wide - UB160-850

Merlin 1000mm Wide - UB160-1000

Delta+ - code UB250-1000

Sleek and stylish, Delta+ promotes itself with its executive design.

Delta+ 1000mm - UB250-1000

Solo - code UB114-800/850/1000

The Solo banner is a compact roller banner oozing with style. Attractive chrome end caps encase the sleek aluminium case. You can be confident this banner will be stable with its single twist out foot and stabilising feet at either end.

Solo 800mm - UB114-800

Solo 850mm - UB11-850

Solo 1000mm - UB114-1000

Atlantic - code UB198-800-01 / UB198-1000-01

The Atlantic Roller banner is a low profile yet stylish roller banner, ideal for promoting that sleek impression.

Atlantic 800mm - UB198-800-01

Atlantic 1000mm - UB198-1000-01