Embrace+ - code EMB-PL-3X1-S

Embrace+ is a new premium backlit double-sided display system. Perfect for exhibition environments or when you need to make a real impact. Use as a stand-alone frame or take advantage of the systems flexibility to join multiple frames together to create a larger straight wall, a U-shaped display or a seamless 90Ā°degree corner.

Embrace 3x1 - EMB-PL-3X1-S

Embrace 3x2 - EMB-PL-3X2-S

Embrace 3x3 - EMB-PL-3X3-S

Embrace 3x4 - EMB-PL-3X4-S

Embrace 4x1 - EMB-PL-4X1-S

Embrace 4x2 - EMB-PL-4X2-S

Embrace 4x3 - EMB-PL-4X3-S

Embrace 4x4 - EMB-PL-4X4-S