Breeze - code WH36

Ideal as a desktop promoter or as a promotional gift. Ultra-light and easy to assemble.

Breeze A4 - WH360

Breeze A3 - WH361

Delta Lite - code UB205-850-004

Elegant aluminium banner with chrome finished end covers that combines great design with stability whilst remaining lightweight.

Delta Lite 850mm Wide - UB205-850-004

Element - code UB146

Economical white ABS roller banner which is ideally suited for retail environments.

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Giant Mosquito - code UB300

All the advantages of the Mosquito roller banner but with the advantage of extending up to three meters high!  

Giant Mosquito 850mm Wide - UB300-850

Grasshopper - code UB191

Popular lightweight economy banner with self-adhesive rail. Comes in five widths up to 1.5 meters.

Grasshopper 800mm Wide - UB191

Grasshopper 850mm wide - UB193

Liberty Mini - code UB122-400

Full graphic, compact, versatile and lightweight desktop roller banner. Height extendable from 1200mm to 1600mm when using the extension pole (not included). 

Liberty Mini 400mm - UB122-400

Mosquito - code UB196 / UB197

One of the most popular banners in its range with snap rail for quick and easy graphic assembly. Lightweight and easy to transport.

Mosquito 800mm wide - UB197

Mosquito 850mm wide - UB196

Mosquito 1000mm wide - UB197-1000

Mosquito 1200mm wide - UB197-1200

Mosquito 1500mm wide - UB197-1500

Mosquito 2000mm wide - UB197-2000

Prism - code UB123

Strong and stylish oval shaped full graphic banner with self-adhesive rail and tensioner.

Prism 800mm - UB123-800-01

Wasp - code UB204

Entry level banner, ideal for short-term events or displays. Lightweight, easy to carry and recycle once finished with.

Wasp 800mm - UB204-800-03

Wasp 850mm - UB204-850-03

Wasp 1000mm - UB204-1000-03

Mantis - code UB216

A unique roller banner offering a top rail with choice. This popular entry-level banner has a weighted base for optimum stability when deployed in busy environments.

800mm - UB216-800 - 2085 x 820 x 280 mm

850mm - UB216-850 - 2085 x 870 x 280 mm

1000mm - UB216-1000 - 2085 x 1020 x 280 mm