Mistral Flag - code UB725-01

Perfect for promoting events outside, flags can be wall, pole or lamp post mounted and are made from weatherproof materials. Brackets can be moved for adjustable graphic height Made from weatherproof aluminium castings and GRP tubes Tested to a beaufort scale 7 using flag knit fabric Suitable for fabric or vinyl graphics

Mistral Flag - UB725-01

Wind Dancer 5m Flag - code WD105

Telescopic flag, ideal for making an impact at outdoor events. Base can be filled with water or sand for optimum stability. Optional extra bags available for ease of transporting or storage.

Wind Dancer 5m Base - WD105B

Wind Dancer 5m Pole - WD105P

Shimmer Flag - code WD102

Economical telescopic flag with black water-fillable base included. Adjustable height up to 3m. Transport bags optional.

Shimmer Base - WD102B-01

Shimmer Pole - WD102P-01

Street Flag - code UF-ZMSTF-01

The Street Flag is a great way to advertise whilst on the move! Perfectly suited to promote events, highlight your presence at trade shows or to organise a group of people on excursions!  

UF-ZMSTF-01 - Street Flag

Zoom+ Arch - code ZOOM+ARCH

The arch shaped flag is perfectly suited to identify entrances at events, particular sporting meets for registration areas, or race start / finish lines. For stability we recommend using two optional extra stackable bases per side, four in total, which can be purchased individually.

Zoom+ Arch - ZOOM+ARCH

Zoom+ Edge Flag - code UF-ZME

Popular versatile lightweight flexible flag system with black finish all fibre poles. Idea for all types of indoor and outdoor displays.

Zoom+ Edge 2m - UF-ZME-SM

Zoom+ Edge Edge 3m - UF-ZME-ME

Zoom+ Edge 4m - UF-ZME-LA

Zoom+ Edge 5m - UF-ZME-EXLA

Formulate Lite Quill Flag - code UF-FLQ-L/XL

The Formulate Lite Quill flags create a simple yet stunning outdoor product. Built on the popular Formulate scaffold platform, the quill frame simply connects one numbered 25mm aluminium tube to another for fast assembly then the fabric graphic is threaded directly onto the pole and secured with a toggle.

Formulate Lite Quill Flag Large - UF-FLQ-L

Formulate Lite Quill Flag Extra Large - UF-FLQ-XL

Zoom+ Flag - code UF-ZM-SM/ME/LA/EXLA

Popular versatile lightweight flexible flag system with black finish all fibre poles. Each flag can accommodate three different shaped graphics.

Zoom+ Small (2.8m) - UF-ZM-SM

Zoom+ Medium (3.4m) - UF-ZM-ME

Zoom+ Large (4.5m) - UF-ZM-LA

Zoom+ Extra Large (5.6m) - UF-ZM-EXLA