Hop-up Fitting


Powerspot 1000 - code PS1000

150watt mains halogen floodlight for use with pop-up systems and linear systems

Powerspot 1000 Silver

Powerspot 1000 Silver Kit

Powerspot 1200 - code PS1200-001

20watt fluorescent light suitable for illuminating pop-up end panels or for back lighting balloon panels.

Powerspot 1200

Pop-Up Fabric panels - code EP919X

Available for all types of pop-up system in our range

Xpress Fabric Panel Front Curved

Xpress Fabric Panel Rear Curved

Xpress Fabric D end Panel

Quick Fabric Panel Front Curved

Quick Fabric Panel Rear Curved

Quick Fabric D end

Pop-up Mag Bars - code EB104X

A range of Aluminium mag bars to suit each of our Pop-up systems

Xpress Single Mag Bar - EB104X

Quick Single Mag Bar - WH253

Quick Midi Single Mag Bar - EB204Q

Impact Single Mag Bar - IMP-MB

Hangers and Kickers - code WH/EH/IMP

Hangers and Kickers are available for hanging all Pop-up system graphics

Xpress Front Curve Hanger and Kick - EH404X

Xpress Rear Curve Hanger and Kick - EH403X

Xpress Straight Hanger and Kick - EH402X

Xpress D end Hanger - EH401X

Quick Front Curve Hanger and Kick - WH261Q

Quick Rear Curve Hanger and Kick - WH264Q

Quick Straight Hanger and Kick - WH263Q

Quick D end Hanger - WH262Q

Quick Midi Front Curve Hanger and Kick - EH504

Quick Midi Rear Curve Hanger and Kick - EH503

Quick Midi Straight Hanger and Kick - EH502

Quick Midi D end Hanger - EH501

Impact Front Curved Hanger - IMP-FCH

Impact Rear Curved Hanger - IMP-RCH

Impact Kicker only 640mm - IMP-KCR

Pop-up ABS internal aperture set with acrylic shelf - code ES514

For use with curved pop-up 1 x 1 quad internal shelving systems

Xpress Pop-up ABS internal aperture set with acrylic shelf

Quick Pop-up ABS internal aperture set with acrylic shelf

Pop-up Stabilising Feet - code ES505

For use with pop-up and hop-up systems

Pop-up Stabilising Feet

Hop-up Stabilising Feet

Pop-up LCD Bracket - code PUSMK1

Specially designed to fix to our pop-up frames for mounting LCD screens

Pop-up LCD Bracket

Mag Tape - code EM301

Magnetic graphic fixing tape

Mag Tape Type A - EM301

Mag Tape Type B - EM301B

Edge to Edge Tape - EM400

Magic Rubber - code CS101

Removes minor scratches from aluminium components. Ideal for Linear displays.

Magic Rubber