Zoom Bases - code UB

Bases suitable for use with Zoom Quill and Feather.

Zoom X Base - UB718-C

Zoom Drive-on Base - UB721-C

Zoom Ground Spike Base - UB720-C

Zoom Weighted Ring for use with X Base - UB719-C

Bungee Graphic Fixings - code FX804-BX12

Bungee cord with hook for fixing eyeleted graphics to the display frameIdeal for fixing graphics to the Monsoon frame and Arena4 gantry.

Bungee Graphic Fixings

Tornado Header and Poles - code PK411

Additional header panel and poles for Tornado PK410 (main unit not included).

Tornado Header and Poles

Trojan 1m Linking Chain - code SP-TRO-LC

Trojan Linking Chain.

Trojan 1m Linking Chain

Concrete Base - code UF-ZMCEM

Use this heavy weighted concrete base on a variety of our flags for extra support and stability. The concrete base is suitable for flags up to 4.10metres and wind speeds 13-18 mph (Beaufort Scale 4)

Concrete Base - UF-ZMCEM

Concrete Base Female Upright - code UF-ZM003

Concrete Base Female Fitting.

Concrete Base Female Upright - UF-ZM003

Shield Base - code UB108B

Replacement hard rubber base for Shield.

Shield Base ONLY - UB108B

Shield Replacement Panels - code UB108P/UB109P

Replacement Panels for the Shield Unit.

Arched Panel - UB109P

Curved Panel - UB108P

Liquid Chalk Pen - code VF201-P

Pack of 4 coloured liquid chalk pens, approx. 4mm tip - colours include Red, Green, White and Yellow.

Liquid Chalk Pen- VF201-P

Zoom Tent Weight - code ZT-BASE

Simple, understated but very effective, this simple weight easily slides over the foot of the tent.

Zoom Tent Weight - ZT-BASE

Zoom Water Base with Feet - code UF-ZMRMB

High performing and impressive outdoor base, suited to Zoom flags – can be weighted using water or sand (holds up to 21 litres).

Zoom Water Base with Feet - UF-ZMRMB

Zoom Cross Bases - code UF-ZMSCB/UF-ZMLCB

Small and Large Cross Bases for use with the Zoom flag range

Zoom Large Cross Base - UF-ZMLCB

Zoom Small Cross Base - UF-ZMSCB

Zoom Ground Spike - code UF-ZMGS

Zoom Ground Spike for use with the Zoom Lite flag range

Zoom Ground Spike - UF-ZMGS

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake - code UF-ZMPSS

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake for use with the Zoom Lite flag range

Zoom Plastic Screw Stake - UF-ZMPSS

Zoom Square Bases - code UF-ZMLSQ/UB726-B

Large and Small Square Bases for use with the Zoom flag range

Zoom Large Square Base - UF-ZMLSQ

Zoom Small Square Base - UB726-B

Zoom Drive on Car Foot - code UF-ZMCFS

The Drive on Car Foot is ideal for use on car showroom forecourts, sales fairs and festivals.

Zoom Drive on Foot - UF-ZMCFS

Zoom Water Base - code UF-ZMGMB

Zoom Water Bases are to be used outdoor on flat terrain. A handy moulded carry handle makes moving the base to your desired location easy.

Zoom Water Base - UF-ZMGMB

Large Water Base - code UF-ZMLWB

The Large Water base is the heaviest and most durable base option within our flag range, suitable for all flat surfaces with a capability to be filled with 30 litres of water giving maximum stability and performance. The stylish rugged design creates impact, whilst the flag support can also rotate in the wind providing visual movement whilst increasing stability. A real star performer.

Large Water Base - UF-ZMLWB

Replacement Parasol Bag - code UU-01

Replacement Bag for housing Square Parasol Frame (UU-S-01) and Circular Parasol Frame (UU-C-01).

Replacement Parasol Bag - UU-01

Inflatable Column Base - code UI00340

The Inflatable Column Base provides the Inflatable Column with a solid, heavy, sturdy base - allowing the base to stand upright in outdoor elements. 

Inflatable Column Base - UI00340

Inflatable Column Bag - code UI003250

The Inflatable Column Bag is the ideal accessory to easily transport the Inflatable Column Base, making it easy to take the Inflatable Column on the go.

Inflatable Column Bag - UI003250

Hand Pump - code UI00704

The Hand Pump offers an affordable solution to inflating such products as the Inflatable Tent and the Inflatable Column.

Hand Pump - UI00704

400w Electric Pump - code UI00707

The 400w Electric Pump provides a quick and efficient way to inflate products such as the Inflatable Tent and the Inflatable Column.

400w Electric Pump - UI00707

Inflatable Tent Wheeled Carry Bag - code UI00450

The Inflatable Tent Wheeled Carry Bag makes transporting the Inflatable Tent a breeze. The bag features wheels and an extendable handle making the otherwise heavy contents simple to transport. 

Inflatable Tent Wheeled Carry Bag - UI00450

Ground Pegs - code FX620

The Ground Peg is an optional extra in securing products such as the Inflatable Column into soft ground - adding further support for the base against the elements.

Ground Peg - FX620