Formulate Circle Hanging Structure - code FMHS-RIN-01/02/03/04/05

Crown your exhibition stand with a Circle Hanging Structure. Available in various widths and heights, the Formulate Circle Hanging Structure is a brilliant stunning focal point, giving visibility above other exhibition stands.

Formulate Circle Hanging Structure - FMHS-RIN-01

Formulate Circle Hanging Structure - FMHS-RIN-02

Formulate Circle Hanging Structure - FMHS-RIN-03

Formulate Circle Hanging Structure - FMHS-RIN-04

Formulate Circle Hanging Structure - FMHS-RIN-05

Formulate 6m Arch - code FMLT-ARC-02

Make an entrance with the Formulate 6m Arch! At almost four meters high and spanning six, the Arch is large enough to make the entrance at your event.

Formulate 6m Arch- FMLT-ARC-02

Formulate 6m Triple Arch - code FMLT-ARC-03

The Formulate 6m Triple Arch is a cavernous structure comprising of three 6m wide ribs. 

Formulate 6m Triple Arch - FMLT-ARC-03

Formulate Arch - code FMLT-ARC-01

Although smaller than the Formulate 6m Arch, the Formulate Arch is no less impressive.

Formulate 2.7m Arch - FMLT-ARC-01

Formulate Eye Hanging Structure - code FMHS-EYE-02/03

Suspended above your exhibition stand, the Formulate Hanging Eye will make visitors pause and look up.

Formulate Eye Hanging Structure 3m - FMHS-EYE-02

Formulate Eye Hanging Structure 3.7m - FMHS-EYE-03

Formulate Tapered Hanging Structure - code FMHS-TC-01/02/03

The Tapered Hanging Structure is beautifully formed; its conical whirlwind shape draws the eye down to the exhibition stand below, even when viewed from a distance.

Formulate Tapered Hanging Structure 3m - FMHS-TC-01

Formulate Tapered Hanging Structure 4.3m - FMHS-TC-02

Formulate Tapered Hanging Structure 4.6m - FMHS-TC-03

Formulate Rectangle Hanging Structure - code FMHS-REC-01

Formulate Rectangle hanging structure that’s easy and straightforward to assemble — great for adding wow factor to your display.

Formulate Rectangle Hanging Structure - FMHS-REC-01

Formulate Meeting Pod - code FMLT-SC-01

The meeting pod is an imposing shapely structure, providing a relaxed open but private meeting room. Forming part of the ever increasingly popular family of formulate, it’s lightweight, portable and easy to construct, combining a stretched fabric graphic transforms it into a functional elegant, trendy meeting space.

Formulate Meeting Pod