VESA Universal Bracket





The Universal Accessory Vesa Bracket provides the option of adding a small monitor or iPad holder to a Formulate, Linear or Aero stand. The bracket can be adjusted so that when it is mounted horizontally it can lean forward or back, yet when it is mounted vertically, the bracket can pivot left or right. The fitting insert on the Universal Clamps can be adjusted so that the Monitor or iPad holder can be orientated in either landscape or portrait.


The Universal Accessory Vesa Bracket can be used with these Universal Clamps:


• Formulate Universal Clamp 32mm

• Formulate Universal Clamp 30mm

• Aero Universal Clap

• Linear Universal Clamp


Note: iPad holders are sold separately. Overloading may cause instability. Always check that the stand is stable before adding additional accessories


Choose from available hardware varients

Hardware cost RRP: £14.00   excl. VAT & delivery.