Cascade - code AS320

A lightweight polymer based cantilever literature holder with 4 A4 capacity pockets.

Cascade - AS320

Zed-Up Lite - code AS315-002

Zed-Up Lite is a popular range of aluminium literature stand that are stylish and highly portable.Available with A5, A4 and A3 capacity pockets.

Zed-Up Lite A5 - AS318-002

Zed-Up Lite A4 - AS315-002

Zed-Up Lite A3 - AS319-002

Xanadu - code WH431

Xanadu fabric literature holder from the Basics economy range.

Xanadu 4 Pocket - WH431

Graphic and Literature Post - code LK026-001

A robust, handy and very versatile information and promotion post incorporating 3 literature holders. The post holds a rigid graphic which can be shaped to fit the display style.

Graphic and Literature Post - LK026-001

Audio Visual and Literature Post - code LK026-002

A robust, handy and very versatile information and promotion post incorporating 6 literature holders and an LCD bracket. A perfect compact literature and information point.

Audio Visual and Literature Post - LK026-002

Acrylic Literature Holder - code AH311/AH316/AH317

Transparent acrylic literature holders are cleverly designed for both wall mounting and free-standing.

Acrylic Literature Holder DL - AH311

Acrylic Literature Holder A5 - AH316

Acrylic Literature Holder A4 - AH317

Injection Moulded Literature Holders - code AH5DLP/AH5A5P/AH5A4P

The Injection Moulded Literature Holder is ideal for making the most out of an existing stand. The gently curving profile and smoky light grey plastic has real aesthetics.

Injection Moulded Literature Holder A4 - AH5A4P

Injection Moulded Literature Holder A5 - AH5A5P

Injection Moulded Literature Holder DL - AH5DLP

Quantum Double-Sided - code AS316-01

The new Injection moulded literature holder combines classic design with a stylish new look. Lightweight and portable, this elegant design looks great but is also designed to withstand the demands of everyday use.

Quantum Double-Sided - AS316-01