Formulate Universal Clamp - code FMLT158 / FMLT158-32

The Formulate Universal Accessory Clamp enhances your existing Formulate  display enabling additional accessories to be mounted without cutting or altering the existing fabric graphic.

Formulate Universal Clamp 30mm dia - FMLT158

Formulate Universal Clamp 32mm dia - FMLT158-32

Shelf Universal Bracket - code FX838

The Universal Accessory Shelf Bracket provides the option of adding a small MDF shelf to a Formulate, Linear or Aero stand.

Shelf Universal Accessory - FX838

Shelves for Universal Accessory Clamp - code LN133-S/R/T

MDF shelves for the Universal Accessory Shelf Bracket give you extra surfaces for your Formulate, Linear and Aero stands. These useful shelves are ideal for presenting business cards or post cards as well as being utilised for presenting small product samples.  The MDF shelves come in a choice of colours allowing  you to match your existing colours and branding.

Triangle shelf for universal accessory clamp - LN133-T

Circle shelf for universal accessory clamp - LN133-R

Square shelf for universal accessory clamp - LN133-S