Vector Hanging Lightbox





Illuminate brand messaging so it can be clearly seen in high traffic areas where traditional unlit graphics pale into insignificance, with a suspended 125mm Vector LED Frame. Profiles are robust, lightweight, and easy to assemble using an Allen key. Complete with optional double-sided SEG printed fabric graphics.




• Double-sided edge lit hanging lightbox, using 125mm vector frame

• Plug and play cool to touch linkable LED lighting for rapid deployment

• Cost-effective, robust, aluminium profile

• Features twin extrusions in the frame profile specifically designed for inserting two visuals of different materials for alternative displays

• LED's are  economical to run

• Frames simply slot together and fasten together by Allen key for quick assembly and deployment

• Frames pack down into a smaller package for ease of transportation or storage

• Pair with vibrant optional interchangeable SEG dye-sublimated graphics on to fabric or sustainable recycled media

• Comes in standard size 2x1m and in custom sizes on request



Choose from available hardware varients