Eco - code UB198

An economy roller banner with designer base and bungee pole, lightweight and compact, complete with a twist out foot for extra stability.

Eco 1000mm wide - UB198-1000

Breeze - code WH36

Ideal as a desktop promoter or as a promotional giveaway.

Breeze A4 - WH360

Breeze A3 - WH361

Grasshopper - code UB191

Grasshopper Basics Roller Banner, one of the best selling roller banners on the market. The Grasshopper offers classic styling with durability, self adhesive rail and twin twist out feet for stability, ideal for any indoor environment. Available in 800mm and 850mm widths

Grasshopper 800mm Wide - UB191

Grasshopper 850mm wide - UB193

Grasshopper 1000mm wide - UB191-1000

Grasshopper 1200mm wide - UB191-1200

Grasshopper 1500mm wide - UB191-1500

Mosquito - code UB196 / UB197

Mosquito Basics Roller Banner, one of the best selling roller banners on the market. The Mosquito offers classic styling with durability, snap rail and twin twist out feet for stability, ideal for any indoor environment.

Mosquito 800mm wide - UB197

Mosquito 850mm wide - UB196

Mosquito 1000mm wide - UB197-1000

Mosquito 1200mm wide - UB197-1200

Mosquito 1500mm wide - UB197-1500

Mosquito 2000mm wide - UB197-2000

Delta Lite - code UB205

UK redesigned unit with improved styling. It retains the features of the original Delta with the addition of some new ones.

Delta Lite 800mm Wide - UB205-800-003

Delta Lite 850mm Wide - UB205-850-003

Delta Lite 1000mm Wide - UB205-1000-003

Orient - code WH353

Sleek new-look shape with some additional new features.

Orient 800mm wide - WH353-800-003

Orient 1000mm wide - WH353-1000-003

Orient 1200mm wide - WH353-1200-003

Orient 1500mm wide - WH353-1500-003

Orient 2000mm wide - WH353-2000-001

Firefly - code UB206

  Firefly is part of the Basics range, a budget roller banner with an extra strengthening bracket for durability, ideal for a range of indoor locations.

Firefly 800mm wide - UB206-800

Firefly 850mm wide - UB206-850

Firefly 1000mm wide - UB206-1000

Revolution - code UB161-850

Revolution is a new premium retractable banner stand which is modern, sleek and elegantly designed to carry any brand message. Made from high precision moulded polymers, the unique streamlined styling creates the illusion that the base floats off the ground.

Revolution 850mm - UB161-850

Element - code UB146

Exclusive to Ultima Displays, the Element is the second in a series of new banners from the exclusive Vision range.  This new retractable banner has been designed to effectively carry any brand message whilst turning heads. 

Element 800mm Wide - UB146-800

Element 850mm Wide - UB146-850

Element 1000mm Wide - UB146-1000

Wasp - code UB204

Wasp Roller Banner from the Basics economy range

Wasp 800mm - UB204-800-03

Wasp 850mm - UB204-850-03

Wasp 1000mm - UB204-1000-03

Mayfly - code UB210

Mayfly Roller Banner from the Basics economy range

Mayfly 800mm - UB210-800

Mayfly 850mm - UB210-850

Pacific - code WH351-800-01

A quality lightweight roller banner with a slim base and hybrid pole making it very compact, complete with a twist out foot for extra stability. 

Pacific 800mm wide - WH351-800-01

Pacific 1000mm wide - WH351-1000-01

Giant Mosquito - code UB300

Part of the Basics range, the Giant Mosquito is one of the largest economy banners you can buy. At 3m high your message will be seen by all.The Hybrid pole is quick and easy to use and can be set a various heights to suit your graphics.

Giant Mosquito 850mm Wide - UB300-850

Giant Mosquito 1000mm Wide - UB300-1000

Giant Mosquito 1200mm Wide - UB300-1200

Giant Mosquito 1500mm Wide - UB300-1500

Giant Mosquito 2000mm Wide - UB300-2000

Merlin - code UB160

Merlin is a smart stylish cassette banner where the graphics are very easy to replace with its quick change cassette mechanism.

Merlin 850mm Wide - UB160-850

Merlin 1000mm Wide - UB160-1000

Liberty - code UB122

Modern designed sleek roller banner with snap rail. Twin feet complete with bag.  

Liberty 800mm - UB122-800

Liberty 850mm - UB122-850

Liberty 1000mm - UB122-1000

Liberty 1200mm - UB122-1200

Liberty 1500mm - UB122-1500

Prism - code UB123

Modern designed sleek roller banner with a self adhesive rail. Twin feet complete with bag.

Prism 800mm - UB123-800

Prism 850mm - UB123-850

Prism 1000mm - UB123-1000

Prism 1200mm - UB123-1200

Prism 1500mm - UB123-1500

Liberty Mini - code UB122-400

Liberty Mini is a versatile banner that is suited for both desktop and floor use. This slender banner is an attractive and stylish product and ideal for making a statement when space is at a premium.

Liberty Mini 400mm - UB122-400

Firefly Mini - code UB206-600

Firefly Mini is a lightweight and highly portable banner with a standard graphic height of 1600mm that can be increased to 2000mm. The Firefly Mini has minimalist form with a single twist out foot that ensures that the viewer’s attention is always on the graphic.  

Firefly Mini - UB206-600

Delta Plus - code UB250-800/850/1000

Sleek and stylish, Delta+ promotes itself with its executive design.

Delta Plus 800mm - UB250-800

Delta Plus 850mm - UB250-850

Delta Plus 1000mm - UB250-1000

Edge 2 - code UB200-850/UB200-100

Smart double-sided Edge 2 is designed to impress. With chrome end caps and a standard graphic height of 2000mm, Edge 2 is a durable display with big impact.

Edge 2 850mm - UB200-850

Edge 2 1000mm - UB200-1000

Hornet - code UB117-800/850/1000

This basic banner is designed to be stable, two twist out aluminium feet and a reinforcer.

Hornet 800mm - UB117-800

Hornet 850mm - UB117-850

Hornet 1000mm - UB117-1000

Dragonfly 2 - code UB199-850-01/1000-01

Dragonfly 2 is a double-sided basic banner that is versatile for it can also be employed as a single sided banner stand.

Dragonfly 2 850mm - UB199-850-01

Dragonfly 2 1000mm - UB199-1000-01

Tex - code UB118

Tex is a specially designed roller banner that will accept textile and vinyl medias. Clever snap rail and snap roller graphic attachments make this product fast and simple to assemble and allows for quick and easy graphic changes.

Tex 800mm - UB118-800

Tex 850mm - UB118-850

Tex 1000mm - UB118-1000

Tex 1200mm - UB118-1200

Barracuda - code WH321C

A very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. Ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

Barracuda 800mm - WH321C-800A3

Barracuda 1000mm - WH321C-1000A3

Barracuda 1200mm - WH321C-1200A3

Barracuda 1500mm - WH321C-1500A3

Barracuda 2000mm - WH321C-2000A3

Barracuda 2400mm - WH321C-2400A3

Imagine Plus - code UB502C-850A3/1000A3

Imagine+ Cassette Roller Banner is the perfect use every day banner. Swapping the graphic cartridge is really fast and easy, simply remove and insert the cartridge through the base and pull up the banner.

Imagine Plus 850 mm - UB502C-850A3

Imagine Plus 1000 mm - UB502C-1000A3

Excaliber 2 - code WH311C-800A3/2400A3

Excaliber 2 is a premium, versatile Double-Sided Roller Banner.  Tough, durable and stable, Excaliber 2 has been carefully crafted and designed to incorporate the Linear channel allowing the integration of Linear accessories such as literature and tablet holders.

Excaliber 2 800mm - WH311C-800A3

Excaliber 2 1000mm - WH311C-1000A3

Excaliber 2 1200mm - WH311C-1200A3

Excaliber 2 1500mm - WH311C-1500A3

Excaliber 2 2000mm - WH311C-2000A3

Excaliber 2 2400mm - WH311C-2400A3

Original Plus - code UB322

Original+ is a good all round banner, perfect for everyday use. Graphics can be quickly and easily changed with a slider in both the universal rail and the graphic leader. Set the graphic height with the hybrid telescopic pole and utilise the two adjustable feet to ensure that the banner is always level.

Original Plus 800mm - UB322-800C1

Original Plus 850mm - UB322-850C1

Original Plus 1000mm - UB322-1000C1

Original Plus 1200mm - UB322-1200C1

Original Plus 1500mm - UB322-1500C1

Original Plus 2000mm - UB322-2000C1

Original Plus 2400mm - UB322-2400C1

Original Plus 3000mm - UB322-3000C1

Blade Plus - code UB509-850-01/1000-01

Stylish and sleek the Blade+ has a polished low profile design and smart exterior making it perfect for presentations or exhibitions where the banner will be visible.

Blade Plus 850mm - UB509-850-01

Blade Plus 1000mm - UB509-1000-01

Solo - code UB114-800/850/1000

The Solo banner is a compact roller banner oozing with style. Attractive chrome end caps encase the sleek aluminium case. You can be confident this banner will be stable with its single twist out foot and stabilising feet at either end.

Solo 800mm - UB114-800

Solo 850mm - UB11-850

Solo 1000mm - UB114-1000

Aero Plus - code UB222

Aero Plus is a truly innovative Modular Cassette Roller Banner system, which can be assembled in infinite ways. The core system comprises of two adjustable posts (sold separately) and a roller banner cassette.

Aero Plus 1000mm Cassette - UB222-1000

Aero Plus 1500mm Cassette - UB222-1500

Aero Plus 2000mm Cassette - UB222-2000

Aero Plus Post and Base - UB222-P

Aero Plus Base Only - UB222-B

Atlantic - code UB198-800-01 / UB198-1000-01

The Atlantic Roller banner is a low profile yet stylish roller banner, ideal for promoting that sleek impression.

Atlantic 800mm - UB198-800-01

Atlantic 1000mm - UB198-1000-01

Avant - code UB400

The Avant is an elegant addition to the banner range, the unit combines style with stability utilising a rear twist out foot creating a cleaner visual when looking to the front of the system.

Avant 850mm - UB400-850

Avant 1000mm - UB400-1000