Revolution - code UB161-850

Revolution is a new premium retractable banner stand which is modern, sleek and elegantly designed to carry any brand message. Made from high precision moulded polymers, the unique streamlined styling creates the illusion that the base floats off the ground.

Revolution 850mm - UB161-850

Imagine+ and Merlin Replacement Cassette - code UB175

Replacement cassette for the Imagine+ and Merlin roller banners.

Imagine+ / Merlin Replacement Cassette UB175-850-01

Imagine+ / Merlin Replacement Cassette UB175-1000-01

Barracuda - code WH321C

A very popular, strong and stylish design, proven as a reliable banner for regular use. Ideal for simple displays or exhibitions.

Barracuda 800mm - WH321C-800A3

Barracuda 1000mm - WH321C-1000A3

Barracuda 1200mm - WH321C-1200A3

Barracuda 1500mm - WH321C-1500A3

Barracuda 2000mm - WH321C-2000A3

Barracuda 2400mm - WH321C-2400A3

Imagine+ - code UB502C-000-01

Imagine+ Cassette Roller Banner is the perfect use every day banner. Swapping the graphic cartridge is really fast and easy, simply remove and insert the cartridge through the base and pull up the banner.

Imagine+ 1000 mm - UB502C-1000-01

Original+ - code UB322

Adjustable height premium roller banner in a variety of sizes up to three meters.Can be made in black or to custom sizes at an additional cost.

Original+ 850mm - UB322-850C1

Original+ 1200mm - UB322-1200C1

Original+ 3000mm - UB322-3000C1