Sentry Poster Display - code SL103

Simple snap action freestanding poster frame that is ideally suited to information display.A4 and A3 poster capacity

Sentry A4 - SL104

Sentry A3 - SL103

Trappa Rail - code VH

A very easy to use ‘snap-action’ aluminium rail, designed to support a range of printable media including paper, card, PVC and fabric

Trappa Rail A0 Black end caps - VH310BC

Trappa Rail A0 Grey end caps - VH310GC

Trappa Rail A1 Black end caps - VH311BC

Trappa Rail A1 Grey end caps - VH311GC

Trappa Rail A2 Black end caps - VH312BC

Trappa Rail A2 Grey end caps - VH312GC

Trappa Rail A3 Black end caps - VH313BC

Trappa Rail A3 Grey end caps - VH313GC

Trappa Rail A4 Black end caps - VH314BC

Trappa Rail A4 Grey end caps - VH314GC

Trappa Rail 300mm wide Black end caps -VH301BC

Trappa Rail 300mm wide Grey end caps - VH301GC

Trappa Rail 500mm wide Black end caps - VH302BC

Trappa Rail 500mm wide Grey end caps - VH302GC

Trappa Rail 600mm wide Black end caps - VH303BC

Trappa Rail 600mm wide Grey end caps - VH303GC

Trappa Rail 900mm wide Black end caps - VH304BC

Trappa Rail 900mm wide Grey end caps - VH304GC

Trappa Rail 1000mm wide Black end caps - VH305BC

Trappa Rail 1000mm wide Grey end caps - VH305GC

Trappa Rail 1200mm wide Black end caps - VH306BC

Trappa Rail 1200mm wide Grey end caps - VH306GC

Formulate Universal Tablet Holder - code FORM-UNI-TAB-01

Introducing the Formulate universal tablet holder. The holder is freestanding in design and boasts a weighted base for extra stability. With an adjustable bracket, the holder will allow a variety of tablets. It allows you to incorporate the latest tablet technology alongside your display with ease, creating an interactive opportunity. 

Formulate Universal Tablet Holder - FORM-UNI-TAB-01

Vector Slim Circular - code VWFC-400

Vector Slim Circular 400mm - VWFC-400

Vector Slim Circular 700mm - VWFC-700

Vector Slim Circular 1000mm - VWFC-1000

Twista Lite Poster Rail - code TWLHR

Easy to use 'snap action' poster rail. Smart modern design - aluminium rail with grey plastic end caps and hooks. For use with a range of media including, paper, card, PVC and fabric.

Twista Lite Poster Rail 500mm Wide - TWLHR-500

Twista Lite Poster Rail 600mm Wide - TWLHR-600

Twista Lite Poster Rail 800mm Wide - TWLHR-800

Twista Lite Poster Rail 850mm Wide - TWLHR-850

Twista Lite Poster Rail 900mm Wide - TWLHR-900

Twista Lite Poster Rail 1000mm Wide - TWLHR-1000

Twista Lite Poster Rail 1200mm Wide - TWLHR-1200

Twista Lite Poster Rail 1500mm Wide - TWLHR-1500

Folding Table - code FT

Strong and durable folding table, easily folds in half and is light enough to carry. Comes in either 6ft or 8ft wide and is ideal for trade shows and exhibitions. Cover with a printed table cloth for a professional look.

Folding Table 6ft - FT-6

Basic Leader Webbing - code SP-803B

Basics range for retractable barrier system, ideal for use in retail outlets and airports Posts available in black, gold and silverRetractable webbing available in black, grey or red

Basic Leader Black Webbing - SP-803B

Basic Leader Post - code SP-801B

Basics range for retractable barrier system, ideal for use in retail outlets and airports Posts available in black, gold and silverRetractable webbing available in black, grey or red

Basic Leader Plus Black Post - SP-801B

Basic Leader Rope - code SP-907

An economy range of exhibition and event queue guidance system 1500mm rope available in black, blue or red with either connector or hooks in gold or silver.

Black Leader Rope with Silver Connectors - SP-907BS

Blue Leader Rope with Silver Connectors - SP-907BLG

Red Leader Rope with Silver Connectors - SP-907RS

Vector Wall Frame - code VWF-A0-01

The new Wall Mounted Vector is a sleek and stylish frame, perfect for retail, corporate or commercial environments. An ideal solution if you need to change your message regularly.

Vector Wall Frame 250mm(h) x 250mm(w) - VWF‐250S‐01

Vector Wall Frame 500mm(h) x 500mm(w) - VWF‐500S‐01

Vector Wall Frame 750mm(h) x 750mm(w) - VWF‐750S‐01

Vector Wall Frame 1000mm(h) x 1000mm(w) - VWF‐1000S‐01

Vector Wall Frame B1 - VWF‐B1‐01

Vector Wall Frame B0 - VWF‐B0‐01

Vector Wall Frame A2 - VWF‐A2‐01

Vector Wall Frame A1 - VWF‐A1‐01

Vector Wall Frame A0 - VWF‐A0‐01

Vector Wall Frame 2A0 - VWF‐2A0‐01

Vector Wall Quick Frame - code VWQF

Create a stunning wall mounted display in double quick time with the Vector Wall Quick Fix. The slim 20mm deep profile allows SEG edged fabric graphics to be mounted to the wall quickly and easily. Simply position the frame where required and drill through the frame into the wall and screw on using suitable wall fixings.

1000x1000mm - VWQF-1000S-01

250x250mm - VWQF-250S-01

2A0 - VWQF-2A0-01

500x500mm - VWQF-500S-01

750x750mm - VWQF-750S-01

A0 - VWQF-A0-01

A1 - VWQF-A1-01

A2 - VWQF-A2-01

B0 - VWQF-B0-01

B1 - VWQF-B1-01

B2 - VWQF-B2-01